Teemo.com.br's journey began a long time ago, in 12/05/12,having the name lolbuff. The website was just a fraction of what it is today, but it was the first step to become what it currently is.

The site started with a simple idea: Find out who was the best in which role. You would type in the summoners' names and the site would show what was the best team composition. As the site grew, new features were added, like seeing the summoners' profiles. Then, during June 2013, an unexpected number of visits made lolbuff's servers go down and there was no way to keep the siteup. From this moment, I knew I had to work in a cheaper and more efficient system, to be able to grow - And that's when I had the idea of naming the site after my favorite champion: Teemo!

Teemo's idea was still simple, but ambitious: To be the fastest and most complete League of Legends information site.

On 19th August 2013, Teemo.com.br was officially launched, displaying data from summoners' matches - but the visual was way too bad. This is where Skelun steped in. He planned, in a short time, a better design, and thus, for the first time, Teemo.com.br was pretty and elegant, and geared its own march to the journey to success.

Skelun, who was responsible for nearly all of the design, went away for some time, for obscure reasons, and only appeared a few times, contributing a little bit. He returned in late 2014, but couldn't give as much dedication as in the time he joined. However, he keeps fulfilling the site's needs, whenever he can.

teemo history


Teemo is, currently, composed by two people: Honux and Skelun. While Skelun makes Teemo visually pleasing, Honux works to make everything work and tries to develop new features. We both try to work as much as possible on Teemo, but given the site's complexity code-wise, the work is really exhausting.